19 de enero de 2011


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FECHA; 05/03/2010

There has been talk about a restaurant called Tartán, which has a thing for tartan fabrics and is completely decorated with this British-winter-looking cloth. And interestingly enough, I hear it is mostly frequented by women (don´t know why).
So I went there last night with some friends to be part of one of the latest openings in Madrid.

The first thing I noticed is that this wasn´t another restaurant where you have trouble staying out of the next table´s conversation. This wasn´t either the type of restaurant where if you don´t knock down the other table´s glasses as you pass by to find your seat, you can consider yourself pretty skilled. So at Tartán it is possible to have some privacy, but it wouldn´t be the ideal place to look for it as it´s pretty noisy.
The Chef is a young guy from Madrid that has worked all around the world (USA, Thailand, Switzerland, France, and other places in Spain). He makes very different dishes, but the starters looked more appealing to me than the main courses.
We shared two starters, Guacamole with nacho chips cut into julienne strips and Coca with dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese and arugula (or rocket); it´s a kind of pizza from Catalonia. As a main course I had the rare salmon, but it was too grassy for my taste because of the sauce. The desserts were definitely something and not only because of their presentation.

The wine list is short but interesting. We enjoyed one of the Osborne wines, Viña Monty from DOC Rioja and also a wine from Priorato, both truly good wines.

Have a good weekend, and enjoy at least a glass of wine!! And even better if it’s Tempra Tantrum!!

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